Registered Nursing Application Information

Registered Nursing Program Application Information 2023-2024

A. Minimum Standards to Apply

  1. Attend an information workshop. (Strongly recommended)
  2. Apply to Cypress College to obtain a Cypress College student ID#. The email address used on the Cypress College application will be used within your Health Science Application and for all email interactions between the college faculty and staff, clinical sites, and any other program related email interactions.
  3. High school graduation, or passing of the General Education Development tests (GED), or the High school Proficiency Test, or a graduate of an accredited college.
  4. Minimum age of 17 years to apply. Must be 18 years old at the start of clinical training.
  5. Good physical and mental health as determined by a medical examination upon admission to the program. See note in rear.
  6. If you have been convicted of any offense other than a minor traffic violation, it may prevent your attending clinical rotations where criminal background checks are required. You will be required to declare offenses on your state application to write the licensing exam, which may affect your eligibility to become licensed.
  7. Total college grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 “C” or better. Official transcripts of all colleges attempted are required.
  8. Completion of English 100C or ENGL 101C or ESL 110C with “C” or better as determined by a counselor from transcript.
  9. Completion of Biology 231C (General Human Anatomy), Biology 241C (General Human Physiology), Chemistry 101C is strongly recommended, and Biology 220C (Medical Microbiology) with “C” or better. All must have been completed within five years of application.
  10. Passing TEAS score (62 or higher) within the last two years and most current version.
  11. The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) will be used by the Cypress College Nursing Program. The TEAS is a multiple-choice assessment that will cover English and Language usage, reading, mathematics, and science. Version 7 (or the most current version) will be required beginning fall 2023.
    • Cypress College is not a TEAS testing site.
    • Cypress College does not offer TEAS remediation.
    • The number of attempts or the TEAS score is not taken into consideration as part of the application selection process.
    • For more information on the TEAS, applicants may go to:

B. Program Prerequisites and Requirements

The following courses must be completed with a minimum grade of “C.” Sciences must be completed within five years of filing the first eligible application. Once a passing grade is achieved within the past five years, repeated courses will not be considered.

  • ENGL 100C# or ENGL 101C or ESL 110C – College Writing – 4.0 units 
  • BIOL 231C** – General Human Anatomy – 4.0 units 
  • BIOL 241C** – General Human Physiology – 4.0 units 
  • BIOL 220C** – Medical Microbiology – 4.0 units 

#    A score of 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement (AP) meets this requirement.

**  Must be taken within 5 years of application opening date.

General Education and Graduation Requirements

The following courses must be taken prior to the expected date of graduation with a grade of “C” or better:

  • PSY 101C# – Introduction to Psychology – 3.0 units 
  • SOC 101C – Introduction to Sociology – 3.0 units 
  • Physical Activity and Health Requirement (Category E)+* – 1.0 units 
  • Arts Requirement (Category C1)+* – 3.0 units 
  • COMM 100C Human Communication – 3.0 units 
  • Humanities Requirement (Category C2)+* – 3.0 
  • MATH 40C Intermediate Algebra (or any math meeting GE)# + – 4.0 units 
  • Reading Proficiency Requirement (Category A2)+* 

+ May be waived based on completion of an associate degree or higher at a regionally accredited institution in the U.S. 

# A score of 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement (AP) meets this requirement.  

* See counselor/catalog. 

Beginning the fall 2000 catalog, the Nursing program meets the Social Justice, Equity and Sustainability (formerly known as Cultural Diversity) requirement.

C. Application Procedures

  1. Before the application opens online, review and follow the required instructions on the Checklist and Sample Application on the Registered Nursing home page.
  2. Apply to Cypress College to obtain a Cypress College student ID#. Once a Cypress College Student ID# has been received, submit required official transcripts from other colleges to Cypress College Admissions and Records. Cypress and Fullerton College transcripts should not need to be submitted to the admissions office.
    • Through mail (unofficial if opened) –
      Cypress College
      Admissions and Records – Transcripts
      9200 Valley View St.
      Cypress, CA  90630
  1. Application must be completed online during the first week of September for spring consideration and during the first week of February for fall consideration. Notification letters are provided no later than December 1 for spring consideration and May 1 for fall consideration.
  2. Log into the online Health Science Application using myGateway credentials. Submit needed documents following the instructions within the online Health Science application.
  3. Determination of acceptance is based upon the selection criteria. (See Section E)

D. Candidate Selection Criteria

  • Students for the RN program are selected using the system listed below. No other criteria are used for selection.
  • Applicants exceed capacity.
  • Acceptance is based on a confirmation response by the deadline stated in the notification letter from the applicant selected and followed by mandatory attendance at an orientation.
  • F-1 visa students will not be accepted for admission into any program when applications by qualified U.S. citizens exceed space available (AP 5012 1.4.).
  • All applicants are placed on both lists.
    • Rank List – See Workshop Handout
      • Ranking will first be based on the following 30-point system:
        • Prerequisite Science Courses – Up to 15 points based on grade of each course.
        • General Education Courses – Up to 10 points based on completion of each requirement with a passing grade.
        • Additional Criteria – Up to 5 points.
      • Grade point average (GPA) of all prerequisite courses and general education courses will determine who will be selected in the event there is a tie in points.
      • Reference Number (determined by the date and time application was submitted online) will be used for identical GPAs.
      • Selection criteria subject to change.
    • Lottery List
      •  25% of the accepted cohort roster will come from the Lottery option.
      • Applicants who are eligible, but not accepted to the program must reapply each application period.  

Nursing Program Requirements

Nursing courses must be taken in specific sequence. For further information, see a Health Science Counselor. The student must attain a minimum grade of “C” in each required course to continue in the program. All listed courses below must be taken at Cypress College with the cohort. 

Semester I 

  • NURS 191C – Pharmacology in Nursing I – 1.0 units 
  • NURS 192C – Fundamentals of Nursing – 4.5 units 
  • NURS 193C – Intro to Med-Surg/Geriatric Nursing – 3.5 units 

Semester I Units9.0 

Semester II 

  • NURS 195C – Pharmacology in Nursing II – 1.0 units 
  • NURS 196C – Med-Surg Nursing I – 5.0 units 
  • NURS 197C – Maternal/Newborn Nursing – 3.5 units 

Semester II Units9.5 

Semester III 

  • NURS 291C – Pharmacology in Nursing III – 1.0 units 
  • NURS 292C – Med-Surg Nursing II – 5.0 units 
  • NURS 293C – Mental Health Nursing – 3.5 units 
  • NURS 294C – Geriatric Nursing – 3.0 units 

Semester III Units12.5 

Semester IV 

  • NURS 295C – Pharmacology in Nursing IV – 0.5 units 
  • NURS 296C – Child/Family Nursing – 3.5 units 
  • NURS 297C – Med-Surg Nursing III – 5.0 units 

Semester IV Units9.0 

Health Science Counselors
Division of Health Science
Cypress College
9200 Valley View St.
Cypress, CA  90630-5897
(714) 484-7015

Health Science Applications Office
Health Science Building/TE3-217
Cypress College
9200 Valley View St.
Cypress, CA 90630-5897
(714) 484-7270

Important Information

In compliance with the State Board of Registered Nursing Guidelines, no student with impaired health status (which includes use of legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, or other chemicals) shall be admitted or allowed to remain enrolled in the Nursing Program.

Students applying to the Nursing Program with a history of substance abuse, physical impairment, or mental/ emotional impairment shall be required to provide proof of active participation in a recognized treatment program at the time of application.

Evidence of continuing rehabilitation may be required if admitted or re-admitted to the Nursing Program.

These standards are necessary for the Cypress College Registered Nursing Program to be in compliance with the Board of Registered Nursing Guidelines and maintain full accreditation.

The North Orange County Community College District, in compliance with all applicable Federal and State Laws, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, age, religion, disability, sex, or sexual orientation in any of its policies, procedures, or practices. The district is also committed to maintaining campuses that are free of harassment, drugs and alcohol.