Registered Nursing Application Checklist

Items to be completed before to applying to a Health Science program:

Review the program webpage for program information and the program brochure for prerequisite requirements and selection criteria prerequisite requirements and selection criteria.

Complete the sample application to prepare for the online application (see page 3 within this document).

Attend a Health Science Workshop (This is optional, but strongly recommended). Speak with a Health Science Counselor for any questions or concerns regarding application (This is optional).

Apply to Cypress College as a general student and obtain a myGateway Student ID #. Example @01234567. It can take up to 5 business days. Applying to a Health Science program is a separate application.

Complete the TEAS exam.  Have a copy of the unofficial TEAS transcript ready to upload to the application when applying. Uploading an unofficial TEAS transcript is required when applying within the online Health Science application. An official TEAS transcript will be requested if selected.

Review the myGateway instructions on the Cypress College website.

Once a myGateway Student ID # has been provided, log into myGateway account to do the next three items:

Obtain unofficial Cypress College and Fullerton College transcripts if any attempted/completed/in progress coursework. A current copy, in pdf format, will be required to be uploaded within the online Health Science application during each application period. Within myGateway, click on WebStar, open the Student Records folder, click on View Unofficial Web Transcript, and save the file as a pdf document.

Send all official transcripts from other colleges to Cypress College Admission and Records. Admission and Records will not accept transcripts opened prior to submission, PDF documents sent from a student, unofficial transcripts, or a Cypress College transcript. Allow 5 or more business days for transcripts to be processed. All transcripts must be submitted and processed by the official transcript due date.

To digitally send a transcript (directly from school to school) –

Use or choose Cypress College (if the option is provided during the ordering process)

To mail official transcripts to Cypress College use this address:
Cypress College
Admission and Records – Transcripts
9200 Valley View St.
Cypress, CA 90630

NOTE – If you sent official transcripts to Cypress College before being provided a Cypress College or Fullerton College student ID# (same # is used for both colleges), you must contact Cypress College Admission and Records and request for your transcript to be uploaded to your ID# in the transcript database.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the most current transcript when applying/reapplying to a program.

  • Applicants must submit a new and more current transcript if…
    • had coursework in progress during the semester previously applied
    • attempted and/or completed coursework after the last time applied
    • have current coursework in progress (must list college on application, but can provide unofficial transcript for the in-progress coursework only. Any prior attempted and/or completed coursework must be on an official transcript.)
    • did not provide an official transcript when previously applied (excluding Cypress and Fullerton College)
    • Cypress and Fullerton unofficial transcripts must be uploaded within the online application each application period
  • Applicants do not need to submit a transcript again if…
    • have already submitted an official transcript AND NO changes have occurred to that transcript. (See above list of changes that require a new transcript.)

Items to be completed during Health Science program application:

  • Log into the online Health Science Application using myGateway credentials (8-digit student I.D., also called a Banner I.D., and an accompanying password).
  • Fill in the Health Science online application for the program applying for. Only one application is allowed per application period. It is the applicant’s responsibility to fill in the application fully and correctly.
  • Be prepared to upload supporting documents, in PDF format, to the online application. Unofficial TEAS transcript will be required. Current unofficial transcript(s) for Cypress and/or Fullerton College will be required to be uploaded each application period if have attempted/completed/in-progress. Other possible items: in-progress transcripts, copy of High School diploma (not transcripts), supplemental documents, non-enrollment letter(s), etc.)  See workshop handouts for supplemental options.
  • Once completed, click the submit button. A confirmation email will be sent containing the application number and further instructions.
  • Follow the instructions within the confirmation email to complete the application process. The transcripts that may be listed on the confirmation email do not reflect the current status of the Admission and Records transcript office.
  • Failure to provide a complete application packet will result in an ineligible application.
  • An applicant’s account will be locked once an application is submitted online. Updates or changes can be completed during the program’s next application period.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to log into their Health Science online application prior to the official transcript due date to ensure that all required items are checked off as received.
    • Allow five (5) business days for official transcripts to be checked off within the Health Science online application AFTER Cypress College Admissions and Records has received the official transcript.
    • If the transcript processing time has passed and an item has not been checked off within the Health Science online application, it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact Cypress College Admission and Records to confirm that the most current version of the official transcript was received AND uploaded to the Cypress College transcript database.
  • Any required items not checked off within the Health Science online application after the official transcript due date will not be updated. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Notification Letter

  • The Health Science Applications Office will contact all applicants with a notification letter no later than May 1 for fall consideration and December 1 for spring consideration. Please do not contact the college for a status update before the notification letter date unless instructed to do so by the Health Science staff or faculty.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the Health Science Applications Office by December 2 if a notification letter email was not received. The deadline to respond is about 3 business days. Failure to respond to an Accepted and Alternate status notification letter email will result in the application being marked as declined and will be removed from the roster. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Applicants can view their status and application comments by logging into their Health Science Application.
  • Ineligible applications – It is the applicant’s responsibility to inquire about the reason their application was ineligible and correct any errors during the next application period.
  • If an applicant would like to discuss the application once applicants have received the notification letter, please contact a Health Science Counselor during business hours: Health Science Express Counseling-Cranium Café Lobby, or call (714) 484-7015 for appointment (if available) or Counselor hours of availability for virtual “walk-ins.”


Eligibility to apply (all must be Yes)

  • A passing TEAS score of 62 or higher within the last two years and the most current version? Note – Version 6 and 7 will be accepted for the fall 2022 application period. Version 7 will be required for the fall 2023 application period.
  • Overall GPA of 2.0 in all college classes taken?
  • All Prerequisites completed with a ‘C’ or better?
  • List ALL Colleges and Universities with coursework attempted, completed, or in progress, regardless if they apply to the program. Includes dual-enrollment/special admit (courses completed during elementary school, middle school, or high school), or distance learning. List full college name on application. DO NOT list districts or abbreviations.

Program Prerequisites

Be prepared to list the following for each course: Subject & Course # (as seen on the transcript – not the CRN #), School, Units, Grade, Term, and Year.

  • ENGL 100C or ENGL 101C or ESL 110C – College Writing
  • BIOL 231C – General Human Anatomy with a lab component
  • BIOL 241C – General Human Physiology with a lab component
  • BIOL 220C – Medical Microbiology

Program General Education Courses

See CC Native GE requirements for options.

Be prepared to list the following for each course: Subject & Course # (as seen on the transcript – not the CRN #), School, Units, Grade, Term, and Year.

  • PSY 101C – Introduction to Psychology
  • SOC 101C – Introduction to Sociology
  • Physical Education (Category E)
  • Arts (Category C1)
  • COMM 100C – Human Communication
  • Humanities (Category C2)
  • MATH 40C – Intermediate Algebra or higher

Gather all supporting documents that will be used to obtain Section III. Additional Criteria points. Convert items to pdf documents to upload as part of the complete application packet. See  Workshop Handouts link on the program webpage.