T-TEN Program Ranks First in Tests Passed per Student for Two Years in a Row

Cypress College’s T-TEN program has been recognized for the highest Automotive Service Excellence tests passed per student, for the second year in a row. The Automotive Technology Department program also was recognized for having 22 graduates in 2020, a year hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A car waits to be serviced in the Automotive Technology department

The news was announced during the Toyota Technician Training and Education Network (T-TEN) annual conference the week of January 4. At the conference, Michael Klyde was recognized for serving on the T-TEN Safe Labs Project, the Distance Learning Team (which provided training to T-TEN instructors on Distance Education), and the T-TEN Instructor Community Board. He also presented two of the sessions during the event.

The Cypress T-TEN program earned an additional Techstream diagnostic scan tool to reward its ASE pass rate. There are eight ASE tests in the Master Automotive Series and the Cypress T-TEN class of 2020 had an average of 6.2 per student.

This is the second Techstream, valued at over $8,000, that the Cypress T-TEN program has earned in the past three months. It was awarded by Toyota for the Automotive Technology recruiting efforts this past November, during which Klyde interviewed 13 potential T-TEN students online. Since September, he has interviewed more than 35 potential T-TEN students.

“T-TEN and the entire Automotive Technology Department have stepped up in the face of COVID-19 to make the adjustments necessary to maintain a viable program for the past year,” Career and Technical Education Dean Kathleen Reiland says. “Our students are lucky to have such vested faculty, staff, and counselors to support our students’ success.”

“It is also good to hear that T-TEN recognized you for your work in providing pandemic related resources to Cypress College and other colleges to ensure safe lab usage and quality distance learning,” Reiland says.