Dental Assisting Program Application Information

Dental Assisting  Program Application Information  2022-2023 

A. Minimum Standards to Apply 

  • Apply to Cypress College to obtain a Cypress College student ID#. The email address used on the Cypress College application will be used within your Health Science Application and for all email interactions between the college faculty and staff, clinical sites, and any other program related email interactions. 
  • High School graduation or passing of the General Education Development (GED) or high school proficiency test by the start of the program. OR an Associate degree or higher from a regionally accredited college/university. 
  • Minimum age of 17 to apply. Must be 18 years old by the end of the program. 
  • Evidence of good physical and mental health as determined by medical examination upon admission to the program and prior to enrollment.

B. Program Prerequisites and Requirements 

High School graduation or college degree required to apply to the Dental Assisting program. Applicants still completing high school courses will be required to provide proof of high school graduation no later than June of the year applying. 

General Education and Graduation Requirements for Associate Degree option 

The following General Education/Graduation areas are required for the Associate Degree. For options refer to the Associate Degree requirements in the catalog. All general education courses must be completed with a “C” or better. Please refer to the Cypress College Catalog for current Native General Education requirements. 

  • Language and Rationality 
  • Written Communication (4 units) 
  • Analytical Thinking (minimum 3 units) 
  • Arts and Humanities 
  • Arts (minimum 3 units) 
  • Humanities (minimum 3 units) 
  • Social Science (minimum 6 units) 
  • Physical Activity/Health (1-3 units) 
  • Graduation Requirement: 
  • Social Justice, Equity and Sustainability (formerly known as Cultural Diversity) 
  • Reading Proficiency 

C. Application Procedures 

  • Before the application opens online, review and follow the required instructions on the Checklist and Sample Application on the Dental Assisting home page. 
  • Apply to Cypress College to obtain a Cypress College student ID#.  
  • Once a Cypress College Student ID# has been received, submit required official transcripts from other colleges to Cypress College Admissions and Records. Admission and Records will not accept transcripts opened prior to submission, PDF documents sent from a student, unofficial transcripts, or a Cypress College transcript. Note: Official transcripts are not required for the Dental Assisting program.
    • Through mail (unofficial if opened)
      Cypress College 
      Admissions and Records – Transcripts 
      9200 Valley View St. 
      Cypress, CA  90630 
  • Application must be completed online during the month of February. Application deadline 
  • Notification letters are emailed out no later than May 1. 
  • Log into the online Health Science Application using MyGateway credentials. Submit needed documents following the instructions within the online Health Science application. 
  • Determination of acceptance is based upon the selection criteria.

D. Candidate Selection Criteria 

  • Applicants normally exceed capacity. 
  • Qualified applicants will be accepted into the program first come first serve based on the date of a completed Dental Assisting application and supporting documents. Enrollment is limited up to the first 24 qualified applicants. F-1 visa students will not be accepted for admission into any program when applications by qualified U.S. citizens exceed space available (AP 5012 1.4.). 
  • Acceptance is based on a confirmation response by the deadline stated in the notification letter from the applicant selected and followed by mandatory attendance at an orientation. 
  • F-1 visa students will not be accepted for admission into any program when applications by qualified U.S. citizens exceed space available (AP 5012 1.4.). 

E. Dental Assisting Program Requirements 


Semester I (Fall) 

  • DA 16C – Dental Materials – 3.0 units 
  • DA 61C – Oral Anatomy – Dental Assisting – 3.0 units 
  • DA 62C -Preventive Dental Health – Basics – 3.0 units 
  • DA 63C – Chairside Assisting I – 3.0 units 
  • DA 65C – Radiology/Dental Assisting – 3.0 units 
  • DA 66C – Radiology II/Dental Assisting – 1.0 units 

Semester I Units16.0 

Semester II (Spring) 

  • DA 58C -Clinical Externship I – 1.5 units 
  • DA 59C -Clinical Externship II – 3.5 units 
  • DA 67C – Dental Specialties – 3.0 units 
  • DA 68C – Chairside Assisting II – 3.0 units 
  • DA 69C – Clinical Externship III – 2.5 units 
  • DA 70C – Dental Office Procedures – 2.0 units 

Semester II Units15.5 

Health Science Counselors 

Division of Health Science
Cypress College
9200 Valley View St.
Cypress, CA  90630-5897
(714) 484-7015 

Health Science Applications Office 

Health Science Building/TE3-217 
Cypress College
9200 Valley View St. 
Cypress, CA 90630-5897 

In Compliance with the Dental board of California and the Dental Practice Act, all applicants for the Registered Dental Assistant examination must: 

Graduate from a Board-approved RDA educational Program minimum of 800 hours (approximately 8 months); or take an alternate pathway provided by the board. 

Complete Board-approved courses in coronal polishing, radiation safety and dental sealants before a license will be issued. 

Applicants must successfully pass the RDA and Law & Ethics written examinations. 

The applicant must have no criminal record, or the board must determine that a past record poses no threat to the public and or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The applicant must report on the application for licensures, any convictions or pleas of nolo contendere, even if the conviction was dismissed. Making a false statement on an application regarding past conviction is cause for denial of a license, regardless of the nature of the crime or how long ago it occurred. Finger printing is required and checked through the Department of Justice and or the Federal Bureau of investigation. 

The North Orange County Community College District, in compliance with all applicable Federal and State Laws, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, age, religion, disability, sex, or sexual orientation in any of its policies, procedures, or practices. The district is also committed to maintaining campuses that are free of harassment, drugs, and alcohol.