Student Mireya Alt Speaks at #RealCollegeCA Basic Needs Summit

Cypress College was proud to be represented in the #RealCollegeCA Basic Needs Summit on February 4. Cypress College EOPS student, Mireya Alt, served on a student panel speaking about her experience with homelessness and food insecurity. Mireya is a current EOPS/CARE & CalWORKs student and struggled with housing, but has now found housing for herself and her three young sons. She is also a work-study student with Admissions and Records and a former Soroptimist scholarship recipient. Mireya worked closely with our CalWORKs counselor Christina Barrios and specialist Briceyda Maldonado, who assisted her in navigating, advocating, and obtaining permanent housing with Project Self-Sufficiency and the Family Crisis Center through referrals from the CalWORKs office. Mireya also utilizes the campus food pantry on a regular basis. We are proud of Mireya and grateful to hear her story of hope and resilience.

portrait of student Mireya Alt

Cypress was also featured in a Washington Post article focused on the challenges students face in balancing work, their basic needs, and striving to complete their education. LIFE student Tony Williams, who studies Human Services, was interviewed about the challenges he has faced as a college student trying to make ends meet and how the college has helped him along his journey. We are awed by the courage and resilience exhibited by our students and proud they are willing to share their stories.