DMS Instructor Goes Back to the Field and Refreshes her Industry Knowledge

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director Lynn Mitts completed an externship in Radiologic Technology this summer, made possible through an OC Regional Strong Workforce project. Mitts went to Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Downey for her externship, which began in July.

“It has been some years since I have been in the hospital setting as a radiographer so it was wonderful and exciting to be with the healthcare team,” Mitts said. “I have already updated my classroom lectures with the new items of information.”

Mitts spent time in the radiology department, learning about the latest digital equipment and software programs. She also observed various radiographic exams and how they differ from Mitts’ time as a radiographer.

“I feel this externship provided me with a sense of renewal in my teaching. I was excited to see what changes have occurred since I have been in a radiology department. I was energized every day I walked into the hospital to see what new things I would discover.” After finishing the clinical portion, Mitts wrote a report, which included a review of the department’s quality assurance program, policies, and procedures. She interviewed the radiology department administrator, clinical instructor, radiologist, and students. Mitts asked questions about student-training expectations, future employees, and the future in imaging.

“I have gained invaluable experience in learning the capabilities of digital radiography equipment that is constantly changing. The conversations and interviews I had with different people in different positions were eye-opening.” In addition, 13 more Cypress faculty have completed an externship this summer through OC Regional Strong Workforce funding. Mitts says she would highly recommend all CTE instructors participate in an externship given the chance. “I feel it is important to rediscover the joy of our primary profession and bring that back to our students.”