MAD Student Is a Festival Finalist

A Media Arts Design student at Cypress College is a finalist in the 2021 MODE: Motion Design Educational Summit festival and conference, being held June 10-13, 2021. Jocelyn Hernandez and 11 other Cypress College MAD students submitted work and earned free admittance to the annual conference.

Animated image of a young girl at left and a younger, "inner child" version of her on the right, listening to music on their respective devices and dancing.

This student competition is part of an international conference held since 2015. This year’s theme is “(re)connect,” to examine ways we can come together after a year of pandemic distance as well as highlight diversity and inclusion. The conference, workshop, and film competition focus on motion design, which is the commercial application of animation.



“I am tremendously pleased by the achievement of our students, because to create a finished and cohesive work at a community college level is a great accomplishment,” MAD professor Kati Angelov said. “Students from OTIS, SCAD, and Pasadena Art Center are entering these competitions, just to mention a few. To be a finalist from a community college is indeed a great accomplishment.”

Hernandez has a graphic design degree from CSULB, yet when she entered the job market, she found that her prospective jobs required more than her degree offered; they called for motion design skills. CSULB didn’t offer classes in motion design, so she enrolled in a class in the Cypress College MAD department. She has taken several classes with Angelov, and is working on earning her Motion Design Certificate.

“I am extremely proud of Jocelyn, who came to Cypress College specifically to learn motion design, as very few educational institutions offer this area of studies,” Angelov said. “[Jocelyn’s] success highlights the role we play in providing current and relevant education to our students. This success is a wonderful example why Cypress College is great in offering cutting edge, technology, and art driven courses and programs.”

The conference, which will be held virtually this year, will allow attendees an opportunity to learn about the motion design industry, to connect with professionals and other students, and to attend workshops to expand their knowledge of the field.