They say, “do what you love.” How fortunate to have found passion and satisfaction in this career of nursing!

Caring about what happens to people is where this passion starts. Nursing is described by many as the “caring” profession. Public polls indicate that out of all the major professions, individuals trust nurses the most!

It is my pleasure and privilege to be a professor of nursing. As a Cypress College Alumni it has always been important to strive for excellence. Returning to Cypress College after working as a staff nurse for 12 years was a good choice.

As an instructor, teaching and learning take place simultaneously for teacher and student. In the classroom students engage in learning how this unique and wonderful body of ours reacts to our world. Then, firsthand, students see these effects by caring for patients in the hospital and community settings.

I look forward to sharing some of my passion and excellence for nursing with you!

Professor Sally McNay, RN, MSN