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Geography is more than just knowing how our world works.  It is about understanding yourself and your place in this beautiful world of ours!  Geography and Geographic Information System (GIS) classes are designed to help us use new tools, such as maps and a spatial perspective, to gain a better understanding of how we fit into the complex web, the organism we call “Earth”.

Having taught Geography and GIS classes for the past eight years my passion for the discipline has only burned brighter than ever before.  During that time I have also been employed full-time in the field of Geography and GIS.  Making myself a living, breathing example that finding work in this field is possible and only growing more and more each year!

Geographers come from all places.  If you love technology Geography and GIS is for you.  If you love animals, rocks, medicine, history, climate, religion, language, politics, or even video games, geography and GIS is for you!

I have included a couple links in the resources section of this homepage that will direct you to a couple of sites that discuss that job opportunities available in the field.

If you have any questions or just want to talk about what Geography and GIS has to offer you please feel free to contact me or even stop by the office for a chat.

Geography/GIS Rock!