Labor and Love

Labor and Love: Couple’s Journey from Students to Retirees

Ron and Nancy Miller quickly learned it’s not just photos that develop in darkrooms.

The couple met in spring 1972 during a Cypress College photo lab class, standing over the same developer tray. A little banter there led to exchanging notes before class over breakfast. Four years later, the couple married on leap day and celebrate their 10¼ leap year—41-year—anniversary at the end of this month.

Besides being the catalyst for their relationship, Cypress College has been a home away from home for the couple. Ron worked in the photo department as a lab technician and instructional assistant for over 35 years. Nancy started as a part-time worker in the Career Planning Center in ’93 and continued at the College for another 22 years.

The couple’s two sons are also Cypress alumni. To top it all off, their older son, Ryan, met his wife at the College. She had been working as an hourly employee with Nancy at the time.

“We were here a long time, but, you know, I think we put a lot of our heart and our soul into not only the people here, the work here,” Nancy said. “We’ve been part of this family because it had been, it has been a family of sorts for the many years being here, and we’ve watched a lot of comings and goings and people during that time.”